Member engagement platform

A simple, connected and local experience

Offer members a simple and engaging platform, accessible online and via mobile, that makes it easier to access the benefits of their group insurance plan. Members will now have even more reasons to log on, take control of their operations and consult your special offers, while you will reduce your operating costs.

Magik-Net offers plan administrators the flexibility to deploy a white-label platform to support their digital strategy and help operationalize their product and service offer.

Customize your services within your digital offer

Étape d'un dossier d'assurance collective

Offer members a truly integrated digital experience, expand the design of your plans and offer a virtual marketplace for flexible and à la carte products and services.


Simplified plan administration

  • Generate self-enrolment campaigns for administrators and employers

  • Generate insurance certificates

  • Receive reminders for late enrolments

  • Send automatic notifications to members for accepted or denied claims

  • Alerts for evidence of insurability (students and 65+)

Management and analysis of online claims

  • Full or partial integration of the claims process according to your business model

Increased security for peace of mind

  • High level of security with two-factor authentication

  • Best practices for the security of personal information and secure transmission

  • Data hosting within Canada / Multiple redundancy design for uninterrupted access

Irrefutable advantages of an inclusive platform

  • Offer an effective and user-friendly digital experience

  • Develop different group plans and offer new and improved options

  • Increase and promote your educational presence

  • Develop your customized marketing strategy and easily communicate with your members

  • Upsell opportunities for your product and services

  • Billing flexibility: via plan administrators or directly to members

Magik-Net also integrates the automation of work flows into customer relations management (CRM) systems for data analysis and targeted marketing campaigns, gateways to human resources management and payroll systems as well as into other financial product management software.