Centralized data

The software for the electronic document management (EDM) Magik-Share is easy to use and highly customizable. It allows for the centralization of all your documents using a structure that corresponds to your standards.
This tool is used throughout the lifecycle of a company document:





The entire document lifecycle at your fingertips

Magik-Share centralizes all of your company’s documents in a structure that you help define. You can then determine the groups of users and grant them access rights to the documents.

Magik-Share integrates functions to organize, search and distribute any type of document both internally, using secure customer access, and externally, using secure Web access.

All your information assets are accessible in just a few clicks

Once your documents are deposited in Magik-Share, users will have access to numerous document management functions:

In addition to archiving and scanning your company documents in Magik-Share, it is also possible to archive your emails and file them according to your rules.

Increased traceability of your activities: management of versions and changes made

Powerful search engine

Document extraction for consultation and modification


Secure: SSL, LDAP, management of access levels

More affordable than solutions offered by the competition

Ecological: limit paper use

Traceability: change and consultation history, followed by additions

Easy to use: drag-and-drop, context menus and intuitive interface

Centralization of documents and emails



Accessible internally or from wherever you are via Web access

Productivity: task automation, search tools

Intuitive interface and standard functions

File or document property window

Import of physical file structures

Possibility to make notes

Management of access rights to files

Scanning multiple documents in a single PDF file

Familiar cut, copy and paste commands for documents or files, and additions of files from Windows Explorer

File structure similar to Windows

Search by keyword, date, type, etc.

Group and user management

Management reports and logged visits

Parametrization of the system, web interface and automation

Tool that is as intuitive for the manager as for the users

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