Magik-Net team

Magik-Net Inc. designs and provides technological solutions applicable by all companies working in the group insurance sector. Thanks to its highly qualified multidisciplinary team, the company is one of the major technological partners in Quebec. For nearly 20 years, Magik-Net has been providing firms, TPAs and TPPs with expertise and skills to help them manage their business.

Our team is made up of analysts, project managers, accountants, technicians, IT developers, software designers with university diplomas in their field, who stand out for their professionalism, energy and ability to adapt to new environments. We also offer a consulting service provided by our experts and qualified advisors.

Every member of our team makes a special contribution to our offering, allowing Magik-Net to advance and thus benefit its customers. Using our technical and IT expertise along with our creativity to offer YOU solutions that are both attractive and effective will bring you concrete results.