Health insurance benefits

Simplified management for sound cost management

Our software for managing health claims simplifies and optimizes all the processes related to the financial management of plans and the cost associated with the various benefits:
  • Drugs

  • Complementary health benefits

  • Dental care

  • Health spending account management and cost plus

Main features

Management of benefits

  • Management of participants integrated with the software suite

  • Adjudication of claims

  • Traditional or flex plan, self-administered or self-insured

  • Management of plans integrated with the software suite

  • Direct deposit and payment slips

  • Data exchange with insurers

Administration and customer service

  • Secure website and mobile application

  • Personalized reports

  • Call centre for customer service

  • Financial and accounting service for managing accounts receivable (insurer) and accounts payable (plan member benefits) by an auxiliary accountant

  • Bilingual, English and French

  • Secure website for employees

  • Customization