The Magik-Net software suite provides firms with a state-of-the-art solution for the management of group insurance that meets a number of needs:

Growing in the same environment by adding administrative capacities (TPA) and health benefit adjudication (TPP) when expanding the offer for better customer retention

Absorbing growth with the same operational support team and thus increase productivity and reduce operating costs

Ensuring a better control over operations and ensuring compliance with rules set out by regulatory bodies

Leveraging the benefits of using more than one insurer in a group insurance plan without adding complexity for premiums

Assuring quality and consistency in activities by making know-how more accessible for all and by reducing the learning curve for employees

Improving communications and follow-ups with all stakeholders: advisor, insurer, policyholder and plan members

Promoting a paperless environment and enabling electronic data exchanges and self-service options with insurers, advisors, policyholders and plan members

Simplifying insurer transfer with regard to the administration and health insurance benefits

All stages of the life cycle of a group insurance file

This solution covers all activities from prospecting to adjudication of health benefits, and includes solicitation, proposal, sales, implementation, invoicing, customer service and contract renewal.

For firms or advisors with a modest business volume, an option to consider: entrust Magik-Net with your relevant data input.

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