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The topics noted in this article also touch on the reality of the Third-Party Administrator (TPA) in group insurance and the high volume of exchanges and transactions they have with their client administrators, plan members and insurers. Magik-Net’s ecosystem supports this viewpoint.
Magik-Net’s ecosystem (BMS) makes it possible to increase the TPA’s administrative efficiency in its interactions by:
  • The use of Web portals

  • Automated functionalities

  • Exchange gateways with insurers

  • Integration with adjudication

  • Integration with adjudication and claim processing

The application of the Privacy Act is of great importance in securing the exchange of confidential data. The use of connected gateways with insurers not only increases the efficiency and reliability of the data exchanged, but also the security of the latter in the exchange between the TPA and the insurer. The Magik-Net ecosystem connects the administrative core with transactional Web portals for affiliated brokers, administrators and members. This delivers a rich user experience while securing information exchange, creating a communication channel, increasing proximity to showcase your service offer and recognition of your trademark.
Magik-Net continues to make representations to insurers our customers are dealing with in order to increase and simplify the data exchange within our gateways. The ultimate goal is, of course, to connect in real time (real time servicing) to all insurers.

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