Magik-Net News – Release April 13th 2020

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Good day everyone,

I hope that you are all well?

Although the containment situation impacts us all; Magik-Net continues its development activities at full speed. I felt it was important to share these advances with you. 

We’ve started an implementation project of our new Employee portal with a long-time customer, as well as the implementation of our new, fully automated Health Spending Account (HSA) product. The HSA features:

  • Automated management features for claims up to payments (direct deposit or cheque).
  • Connectivity of the HSA system to the employee portal.
  • New user interfaces and the mechanics to process paperless online claims by taking a picture or uploading a file.
  • The creation of a tracking management interface for the user’s HSA.

In addition, Magik-Net is joining the big players of this world further to the expansion of its clientele and the increase in user traffic of its user portals. Magik-Net has migrated a strategic part of its services to Amazon’s EC2. Here is a short list of other known companies that have migrated to EC2 : Netflix, Twitch, LinkedIn, Facebook, BBC, ESPN, Dow Jones, Adobe, Twitter, Spotify, etc.

As of last Friday, IGC Web has been migrated to Amazon Web Services’ environment to allow for a better evolution and an unlimited virtual capacity. On a similar note, our platform is now protected by world-class security technologies. 

Benefits and improvements

  • An optimal flexibility for our constant growth
  • Multiple automations for the high availability of our machines
  • Reinforced and more efficient control allowing real-time monitoring
  • A superior performance in order to improve the user experience within the portals
  • Stricter norms with regards to confidentiality and data security
  • And much more.

All our administrator IGC Web portals as well as the Employee portals are now hosted in EC2.


Happy Easter

Marc Giguère

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