Assistance consulting services

Specialists with complementary skills
Our team – experts with university training in their field, who have developed a specialization in group insurance administration – bring together a wide range of operational skills acquired through work with industrial groups in the insurance and service sectors:

Project managers


Tax specialists



Network technicians

Each team member brings their specific contribution, allowing Magik-Net to develop for the benefit of its customers.
Rational and inventive

A strong team must be made up of individuals who combine the rational and the creative side of their personality to create solutions that are both attractive and powerful─solutions that will bring you concrete results.

Professional, energetic, adaptable to new environments─all qualities that our experts have in common.

The gains we obtain from a job well done are the results of creativity and the effort we put into it
This is why we are a step ahead, particularly in the area of information technology as it applies to group insurance. Our commitment: to continue innovating for the best interest of our customers.
Over 20 years of stability
Since 1999, we’ve been putting our experience and our skills to good use for our customers. Our goal: improve the performance of your group insurance operations.
Assistance with software implementation

Production of implementation schedule with software customization

Analysis of your office environment to define the structure and settings required

Appointment of a project manager

Estimate of the costs for customizing and employee training

System implementation and employee training so that they are familiar with the steps and the tasks that will allow them to customize the system

Full range of consulting services
The services offered by our experts cover all group insurance management activities.
Technical support

After-sales service so that you can fully exploit the potential of the software suite

Assistance (helpdesk)


Training of new employees

Training and professional development

Diagnosis on how well employees master the tools

Consulting service

Operational diagnosis

Optimization process

Opinion or recommendation on the various questions regarding group insurance operations


Definition of needs

Organizational performance

Managerial succession for business continuity in the event of emergency (unexpected departure, accelerated growth, death, etc.)