360-degree management of group insurance files

Magik-Net offers a solution that integrates all the stages of the life of a group insurance file.

How? Thanks to a robust database, which makes it possible to manage all operations related to group insurance plans, and a data warehouse that makes it possible to generate reports and information that is essential for strategic decision-making.

Sales support

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool covers the activities surrounding the sales cycle, from prospecting to solicitation

Production of customized service offers using the collected and analyzed information on the customer’s needs, the tabling of recommendations, and then at renewal. This feature also makes it easier to manage calls for tender, proposal analysis and commission processing

Administration team support

All aspects of plan administration in a single solution, from contract implementation to renewal, including the management of plans and plan member files, invoicing and call centre operations in compliance with laws and regulations across Canada

Automated electronic data exchanges with partners and insurers

Self-service solution that enables customers to make their own transactions and operations related to their group insurance whenever it’s most convenient to them

Health benefits

Management of all activities related to health insurance claims including health spending accounts and cost plus, from the reception of claims to reimbursement